Our Moorings 05The MBYBC’s marina is located in the Port of Mossel Bay which is the smallest of the commercial Ports along the South African coast. It is situated halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth at 34°10’44.96″ S | 22°8’28.11″ E. The marina provides 50 walk-on moorings to both members and visitors. All moorings are equipped with fresh water supply and 220 V / 10 A electrical supply. There are three different moorings available, the biggest are suitable for yachts of an overall length up to and including 15 m. Visiting yachts (if a mooring space is available) may stay for the first 24 hours without charge.

Mooring Plan

MBYBC Marina Bylaws

  • The entrance/exit gate shall be kept locked at all times.

  • Only the user will be permitted to possess a smart card to operate the security gate and will be held responsible for the observance of the rules by his guests and/or employees.

  • No major construction or repairs to vessels will be permitted at/on the marina.  Grinding and spray painting are prohibited.  Normal maintenance is permitted from 08:00 to 18:00.

  • The centre walkway is to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.

  • Users are responsible for proper securing of lines and their maintenance.  Stern and breast lines between boats are required.  Should any vessel mooring lines be found to be in need of replacement, the moorings committee shall be entitled to effect such replacements and recover the costs from the user.

  • The user is responsible for the provision of adequate fenders for the protection of the vessel and the marina.  Damage caused to the marina by a vessel will be for the account of the user.

  • Additions or attachments to the marina are prohibited unless prior written approval from the moorings committee.

  • Extended living/sleeping aboard vessels is prohibited and will only be permitted under certain circumstances. Permission in writing from the moorings committee will be required.

  • The bringing of pets onto the marina is discouraged and the user must take such pets aboard his vessel and exercise the necessary control over them.

  • Discharging of toilets within the harbour is prohibited.

  • All garbage shall be removed from the marina and placed in the receptacles at the gate.

  • Fishing or cleaning of fish on the marina is strictly prohibited.

  • Marina users should refrain from conduct likely to offend other users.

  • Storage of small quantities of petrol is permissible provided that it is in safe containers and kept secure aboard the user’s vessel. Full fire precautions shall be observed at all times.

  • No swapping of an allocated mooring is permitted without written permission from the moorings committee.

  • Only the moorings committee may allocate moorings and charge rentals.

  • Dinghies may not be tied or used alongside the marina except for the express purpose of servicing the parent craft or the moorings.

  • Only pleasure registered vessels can be moored at the Marina by a mooring rights holder. Commercial registered vessel can only rent moorings at the commercial rental fee.

  • Only club members can rent moorings on a monthly basis. Non club members can only rent on a daily rate

Latest Mooring News

Main Committee Report 2017

The 2016/2017 season has been one of very mixed emotions. High on everyone’s thoughts is obviously the situation with the lease. This is ongoing and is currently in a legal process so not too much can be said but I will expand a bit later in this report. The club is growing, during this season 89 new members joined the even with the lease cloud hanging over the club. This brings our membership to 617 paid up members. The sporting sections have been very active with provincial, national and world championships taking place from the club as well as regular pool leagues.


The Season 2016/2017

Dear members and friends of the MBYBC, We have come to the end of the “silly season” in Mossel Bay and we have had a chance to look back at the season to see how it has gone. This season has had the cloud of the lease hanging over it but in spite of this we have had an amazing season. The security and member’s access worked very well this year with the introduction of a private security company to monitor the gates, members were treated to a well-controlled club. The club grounds were kept in really good order by…


The Holiday Season

Hallo alle MBYBC lede, (English text below) Ons missie, hier by die klub, is om vir jul n vriendelikke en ontspanne atmosfeer te skep tydens jul besoek aan jul klub…sodat jul gou weer sal wil terug kom…en onthou hoe meer jul die klub besoek hoe vriendelikker en mooier raak die personeel… Die Vakansie Seisoen is op hande…en n baie besige tyd lê vir ons en vir julle voor…en ons almal se geduld gaan gereeld op die proefgestel word…maar gelukkig soos ek ons lede ken gaan ons die beproewing met gemak te bowe kom… Die volgende reels, datums en tye moet…


From the Office:

The Holiday Season is upon us and a very busy time lies ahead for us all. Our patience is going to be sorely tried and tested. Fortunately, our Personnel have great potential and we know they will rise with ease to the occasion and once the holiday season is over we can all still look each other in the eye with pride. The following rules, dates and times must please be adhered to, to allow for efficient running of the Season: Please be friendly and tolerant towards the guards at the gate, remember they are just doing their job and…


Commodores Report September 2015

The opening cruise was held on the 12th of September and was very well attended. The club was open to the public as usual and we received a lot of visitors on the day. Wind and sea conditions kept a lot of the younger less experienced sailors off the water but safety is as always the major consideration. The different sections are fairly active and the onset of summer and the good waeather of late is enticing members to spend time at the club. We will be discussing the upcoming season at the main committee meeting and will be setting…