PaddlingThe Human Power Craft section promote all  aquatic sport, where human power are required to move a craft in the water eg. sea kayaking, surf ski paddling, kayak fishing, rowing and also hopefully in the future SUP boarding.

We responsible to manage the club small craft rack , where we can currently accommodate more than 50 crafts. Storing your craft in the rack within meters of a easy launch from the beach next to the club, is really convenient.

Week mornings at 06:00 we have a sea kayaking exercise session, where everyone is welcome to join us!

Our Rack

Accessible paddle craft space in our rack

We have limited space forcing us to introduce a point system to improve the accessibility of your regularly used crafts. We tried to promote regular activity of crafts in the rack . Craft Rack Application Form

  1. Craft made available for paddling development by their owners, will automatically have preference, as long as the section have a active sport development activities

  2. The craft will earn one point every time its used, to motivate regular use

  3. The craft earn one point, every month that its used, to promote craft  use throughout the year.

  4.  Previous committee members earn 1 point per month, as a thanks for their service to the club.