Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club

Revised AGM August 2014

By-laws for the Boating Section of the Club

1. Membership
Any member who owns a boat which can be classified as a powerboat, jet ski and/or any member who takes responsibility of such a craft and which falls under the safety regulations promulgated for these craft has to be a member of the boating section. Membership is open for any other member who wants to belong to this section due to his interest in this activity.
2. Boating section fees and subscriptions
To administer and promote the sport of boating, deep sea angling at club level a fee shall be levied as determent on at the AGM of the Boating Section.
3. Affiliations
To promote the sport of boating on a national basis the Club shall affiliate to a National body in a manner as agreed to by the National body and the MBYBC. Boating Section members are required to contribute towards the cost of affiliation as determined by the National body and the MBYBC. Members of the club may be exempt from the affiliation fee if proof of payment made through another club is tendered.
4. Other than bona fide Club business, no commercial activity may take place on or from the Club premises.
5. Parking
5.1. Motor vehicles may only be park in the areas demarcated for this purpose.
5.2. Trailers may only be parked in the trailer parking area, against the Eastern boundary of the Club premises.
5.3. Trailers may only be parked in the trailer parking area whilst members are using their boats for sporting purposes at sea.
5.4. Boats may only be parked on Club premises whilst the member is using other Club facilities for recreational purposes.
5.5. Boat maintenance procedures may not be carried out on Club Premises.
6. Slipway
6.1. All vessels must be surveyed and a copy of the certificate must be lodged with the Manager for reference. No vessel with an expired survey certificate will be allowed to launch from the Club.
6.2. Only licensed skippers shall be allowed to take a vessel out to sea from MBYBC.
6.3. All craft launching at the Club slipway must enter their particulars in the logbook, next to the managers office, and sign back on their return from the sea. Persons not complying to do so, shall be liable for the payment of a penalty to the amount as promulgated.
6.4. Stones or rocks may not be used as chocks on the slipway and any person found doing so, shall be liable for the payment of a penalty of to the amount as promulgated per rock or stone.
6.5. Boat engines may not be started or revved, out of the water, on Club premises, between 22h00 and 07h00. Engines should be tested at home before leaving for the sea.
7. Cleaning bay
7.1. Fresh water from the tap must be saved at all times.
Water restrictions: No use of hosepipes are allowed to wash boats or
rinse engines.
7.2. Fish may not be cleaned on Club premises.
8. Out at sea
8.1. Fish may not be cleaned within 500m from the shore.
9. Tractor
9.1. May not be used before 7h00 in the morning and after 22h00 at night to launch boats/jetski’s.
10. Slipway
10.1. Slipway fees will be paid by all non-members, visitors and reciprocity members who launch any craft from the club slipway.

In terms of section 26 of the Constitution: Any Person elected as a member of the Club, ipso facto, agrees to and shall be bound by the Constitution and by the rules and bye – laws as promulgated from time to time.