Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club

Revised AGM August 2014

By-laws for the Sailing Section of the Club
(approved during Sailing AGM July 1999, Amended January 2003)

1. Membership
1.1. Any member who owns a boat which can be classified as a yacht or wind surfer and/or any member who takes responsibility of such a craft and which falls under the safety regulations promulgated for these craft has to be a member of the sailing section. Membership is open for any other member who wants to belong to this section due to his/her interest in this activity.
1.2. Any visiting non-member owner and skipper of a yacht using the Mooring facilities shall become a MBYBC member and a member of the Sailing section after a stay of six months where upon the appropriate fee falls due.
2. Sailing section fees and subscriptions
To administer and promote the sport of sailing at club level a fee shall be levied as determent on at the AGM of the Sailing Section.
3. Affiliations
To promote the sport of sailing on a national basis the Club shall affiliate to a National body in a manner as agreed to by the National body and the MBYBC. Sailing section members are required to contribute towards the cost of affiliation as determined by the National body and the MBYBC. Members of the club may be exempt from the affiliation fee if proof of payment made through another club is tendered
4. Non payment of fees, subscriptions and affiliations
The club section fee fall due on the first day of September in conjunction to Club membership fees and payable within 30 days. The following action may be taken if the required fees are outstanding:
4.1. Temporary cancellation of Club membership
4.2. Cancellation of gate cards
4.3. Listing of member as “not in good standing”
4.4. Penalty on outstanding fees calculated at bank rate
4.5. Safety inspection administration fee
4.6. Non participation in organized events
4.7. No parking in small craft parking area.
Sailing section levy and affiliation fees outstanding for a previous year receives priority over any other fees due for the incoming year.
5. Small craft parking area
Small craft parking is restricted to the following conditions:
5.1. At the sole discretion of the Sailing Section Committee and at the owners responsibility
5.2. payment of all club, section and affiliation fees
5.3. The payment of an annual parking fee as determined by the Sailing Section Committee
5.4. That the vessel parked is in a seaworthy condition and actually used at least four times during the year, for recreational sailing purposes
5.5. All small craft parked shall obtain a receipt number and sticker from the Sailing Committee and such number and sticker shall be displayed on the boat at all times
5.6. Small craft belonging to the MBYBC are exempt from parking fees
5.7. Small craft owned by Club members but on loan to the Development Section shall comply with the loan conditions agreed to between the owner of the craft and the Development Section provided that such craft are seaworthy and utilised on a regular basis by the Development Section. These craft will then be considered as belonging to the MBYBC.
6. Voting on Sailing Section Annual General Meeting
Upon payment of all subscription and affiliation fees a Sailing Section Member receives one vote.

In terms of section 26 of the Constitution: Any Person elected as a member of the Club, ipso facto, agrees to and shall be bound by the Constitution and by the rules and bye – laws as promulgated from time to time.