Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club
Rules and BY-LAWS

Revised AGM August 2014

Rules and By-laws for the Member of the Club :

  1. Motor vehicles may only be park in the areas demarcated for this purpose.
  2. Other than bona fide club business and commercial activities related to club activities that are approved on a yearly basis by the main committee, no commercial activity may take place on or from the club premises.
  3. Fires are only permitted in the braai area and not on the grassed or parking area.
  4. Dogs are not permitted on the premises.
  5. Abusive or loud language is not permitted on the premises. A cordial atmosphere to prevail at all times.
  6. Persons under the age of eighteen years (18) are not permitted to sit or stand at any counter over which liquor is served
  7. Persons from the age of twelve (12) to sixteen (16) are allowed to play pool under supervision of an elder.
  8. No liquor or minerals may be brought onto Club premises.
  9. No swimming or diving is permitted within 20 metres of the slipway.
  10. No person may lend, sell or give his/her gate card to another person, for gaining entrance to the Club. Guests and family, who are not members, must park their vehicle outside the Club premises.
  11. No more than two gate cards are allowed per family : one for the member and one for the spouse.
  12. Lost or stolen gate cards must be reported to the Manager, for cancellation, within 14 days.
  13. The gate may not be left in an open position intentionally, and if found in an open position, please report it to the manager.
  14. No person may climb over the wall or fence. Should any person wish to exit the Club premises but, do not posses or have their gate card on their person, they may request the manager or barman to open the gate for them. For entrance to the Club premises, when not in possession of a gate card, the intercom at the gate can be used.
  15. A member is allowed to bring each visitor once a month as a guest, there after the same visitor will pay a visitors fee. The fee is payable at the office and a receipt must be produced as proof. The onus rests with the host to declare and sign in his visitor.
  16. Non payment of fees, subscriptions and affiliations. Club subscription fee shall fall due on the first day of September and is payable within 30 days. The General Committee approved the following action while the fees are due
    – temporary cancellation of membership
    – immediate cancellation of the gate card
    – listing as member of not in good standing
    – penalty calculated from September at bank rate
    – cancellation of membership and re-application after 28 February.

In terms of section 26 of the Constitution: Any Person elected as a member of the Club, ipso facto, agrees to and shall be bound by the Constitution and by the rules and bye – laws as promulgated from time to time.