Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club

By-laws for the Moorings Section of the Club

MBYBC Marina By-Laws:

  • The user will be held responsible for the observance of the following rules by his guests and/or employees.
  • Marina users should refrain from conduct likely to offend other users.
  • The entrance/exit gate shall be kept locked at all times.
  • No un-seaworthy vessel is permitted on the mooring and any such vessel shall be removed on notice from the MBYBC within 30 days by the owner who shall be held responsible for the removal at his own expense of any vessel that is un-seaworthy, stranded or sunken.
  • The centre walkway and the mooring fingers are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • Users are responsible for proper securing of mooring lines and their maintenance.
  • Users are responsible for the provision of adequate fenders for the protection of the vessel, the neighbouring vessel and the marina. Damage caused to the marina by a vessel will be for the account of the user.
  • Additions or attachments to the marina are prohibited unless prior written approval from the MBYBC moorings committee.
  • Users are responsible for the provision of good and safe water connections and hoses. Leaking hoses and connections have to be exchanged to avoid water wastage.
  • All electrical cables have to be according to South African standards and are to be properly connected and routed to the vessel in a method which does not hamper free and safe passage by persons and / or other vessels. Broken or damaged cables have to be exchanged in full. Cables may not hang into the water.
  • MBYBC cannot guarantee a continuous supply of any service at all times, but will endeavor to do so within all reasonable ability. Power cuts and breakages and other circumstances which interrupt continuous supply may be beyond MBYBC’s control.
  • No vessel moored in the harbour may be used as living quarters without the express permission of the MBYBC.
  • Discharging of wastewater and sewage within the harbour is strictly prohibited.
  • All garbage shall be removed from the marina and placed in the receptacles at the gate.
  • Discharging of hazardous waste (i. e. oils, chemicals) or bulky waste within the harbour or the receptacles at the gate is strictly prohibited.
  • Fishing or cleaning of fish on the marina is strictly prohibited.
  • Storage of small quantities of petrol is permissible provided that it is in safe containers and kept secure aboard the user’s vessel. Full fire precautions shall be observed at all times.
  • No major construction or repairs to vessels will be permitted at/on the marina. Grinding and spray painting are prohibited.  Normal maintenance is permitted from 08:00 to 18:00.
  • No swapping of an allocated mooring is permitted without written permission from the MBYBC moorings committee.
  • Dinghies may not be tied or used alongside the marina except for the express purpose of servicing the parent craft or the moorings.
  • Only pleasure registered vessels can be moored at the marina by a mooring rights holder. Commercial registered vessel can only rent moorings at the commercial rental fee.
  • Moorings right owners will have the right to rent out their moorings themselves.  The owner must inform the MBYBC 2 weeks in advance and his levy will then be increased by 10% for the duration of the lease.  If the MBYBC rents out the mooring, the income goes to the MBYBC and it goes into the moorings reserve fund.
  • Only MBYBC club members can rent moorings on a monthly basis. Non club members can only rent on a daily rate.

In terms of section 26 of the Constitution: Any Person elected as a member of the Club, ipso facto, agrees to and shall be bound by the Constitution and by the rules and bye – laws as promulgated from time to time.