Boating Season 2013

Hi all our boating members. I still have no good news for you regarding fishing in our area. I have noticed that the sardines are in the bay area but bad news for us is that they are netting them just of the point area this means that not bait fish is getting through to our fishing area. Had some discussions with the commercial guys and it looks bad there side as well. (Red fish all over and they are getting hammered). As far as the two remaining competitions are concerned you will have to help me in deciding what…


Sailing News 2013

We have moved on to the off season and sailing has slowed down considerably. However a few of our youth sailors got the chance to sail in the Pick and Pay Keelboat Nationals in Table Bay right under the mountain. Andre Bredenkamp, Anke van Rooyen, Daleen Naude, Joppie Naude, Tammy Holden, Tony VD Westhuizen, Sanmarie Fourie had the chance to sail a Muira loaned to them for the event. The group arrived late on Friday night and were accommodated on one of the big keelboat at Royal Cape Yacht Club’s Marina. The next few days was a big learning curve with them having to…


Heritage Day & the Dive Section

On Tuesday the 24 September, on Heritage day the Dive Section; thanks to Daniel Rodgers who organised & sponsored the dive went out to Santos Reef to see parts of the Galeria Wreck, which went down in the 1800’s.
It was a wonderful peaceful dive, with more than 6 meters visibility and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience
Whilst this was taking place, Danie Smit; Gerrit Dekker, with his wife took time out and had a wonderful dive at the Dollosse.
Afterwards everyone got together and enjoyed a braai, a perfect ending to a wonderful Heritage day.

Saltic 2013

What can I say !!! – After numerous  postponements due to weather and fish stock we launched our boats at 6h00 on Saturday morning. Saltic 2013 here we come. The    weather was beautiful and we all new that the water temperature was low but the expectations was there to catch at least one nice game fish. The disappointment struck me when Jannie on the boat Henrietta was back by 10h30    and running all the way out +/- 22 km looking for something good did not happen.    We can all learn from this avid fisherman that if you don’t get fish…


Human Power Craft – September 2013

On an early Tuesday morning, before work, a small group of enthusiastic MBYBC sea kayak – paddlers left with one double and one single kayak on our normal 6km paddle to Diaz and back. I know Mitch reef intimately and in the semi darkness we paddled in the direction of Seal Island to avoid the surf at Mitch and Ding Dang. I thought I heard whale sounds. Later I heard what sounded like waves against the Island far ahead and thought that I must have misheard the whale earlier.  Suddenly I found myself in the midst of lots of splashing…


News from the President

The past 2 years have been times of building foundations for a long term successful club. To build strong foundations we had to break ground that has been there for a long time which we did and now I believe the foundation is laid and at the 2013 AGM of the MBYBC we made some very big decisions on the clubs future. For those members who were not able to attend I will just summarise some of the important decisions made and the motivations for those decisions. The one that is going to have the highest impact on you as…


The start of the HPC section at MBYBC

MBYBC at the 2013 AGM adopted a new section , called Human Powered section  or HPC section.This section is responsible for  promoting , paddle, peddle and rowing activities at the club, as well as managing the paddle craft rack at MBYBC. At our first meeting during October 2013  we decided to not overload our committee, We only have three members Danie Smit, representing the recreational sea kayaking,  interest, also the HPC section rear commodore, Kobus Maritz representing competitive surf ski paddling, Jaukie Viljoen representing kayak fishing interest. In order to promote transparency and accountability , we have a information folder…