Sailing school draws international attention

Author: Linda Sparg / Mossel Bay Advertiser Being principal of a sailing school is not for sissies. You need a strong voice and you must have your wits about you. There are thousands of rands’ worth of boats out on the water, in the hands of youngsters who believe they can conquer the world. It’s a case of “mind the boom”, “duck your head”, “DU-U-U-CK!” And, “Out the way of that boat. If you hit it you’ll make a big hole. I said ‘tack’: this means push, not jibe.” “Pull your sail in! Your sail, not your rudder!” But Elfie…


Development Sailor Becomes Assistant Coach

Jumailone Meyer, started sailing three years ago as one of the development sailors. He was a Sea Cadet who in order to be promoted to able seaman took up sailing, a requirement. Jumailone, comes out of a poor community where many of the young people are involved with crime and take drugs. He started sailing on Tuesdays and then he went on to the high-performance class. He has successfully taken part in regattas where he has done well. Coming from a family of six his mother always told him to find something to do to keep himself busy. Sailing has…


Sunday’s Round the Island Race

On Sunday 7 February 2016 only four yachts turned up to compete in a round the island race. With winds from 15 knots and pretty gusty, no amount of beer could prepare the crew of Parental Guidance and Therese for the rather interesting race ahead. Therese realised that new sails is not always the best and with a sweeping declaration from the night before, the “big guy” on Parental Guidance insisted on rigging the boat for the race on Sunday. Normally being the boat to beat the pressure was on. The start sequence was run from Parental Guidance by myself…


1st Rig Race 2016

What a great day of sailing! The rig race was started by Nelia at 11:20 am, and with 10 to 15 knots of nice south-westerly wind a fleet of 7 yachts started, accompanied by the catamaran Juffa, owned by Caroline & Bill from the UK, which are on a trip around the world at present. On the downwind course Parental Guidance became 1st very fast, followed by Julie 3. Therese and Mega Motion fought about the 3rd place, but were both overtaken by Juffa directly at the rig. The following close hauled course back to the club was full of…


From the Office:

The Holiday Season is upon us and a very busy time lies ahead for us all. Our patience is going to be sorely tried and tested. Fortunately, our Personnel have great potential and we know they will rise with ease to the occasion and once the holiday season is over we can all still look each other in the eye with pride. The following rules, dates and times must please be adhered to, to allow for efficient running of the Season: Please be friendly and tolerant towards the guards at the gate, remember they are just doing their job and…


Dive Section Report for November 2015

Conditions were once again not marvellous, however from the development side, we started swimming at Santos. This is a bit of a challenge, as it is so different for our pupils compared to swimming in a pool. We will be stopping the lessons from now until the end of the festive season. I attended two Community Partnership meetings re human conflict with sharks. Please see attachment. This is a very positive action by the community. What was agreed by all is that at some stage there will be a shark attack in the Mossel Bay area and that this group…


Ladies Helm – from the crew of „Parental Guidance“

On Sunday 29 November the crew of Parental Guidance set out to sail the ladies race at MBYBC. With dresses, fake boobs and majority of the crew still recovering from the night before the day turned out to be pretty eventful. We all know bad things tend to happen in 3’s. We ran into our first problem as we crossed the starting line and trying to hoist the spinnaker. Our spinnaker halliard unhooked from the head shortly after we completed the hoist. Without a bosons chair we had to improvise and use our spinnaker pole up haul. Cue problem number…


Diving Section Report for October 2015

Conditions were not very favourable for diving this month. The only action that took place was the continued training on the Development side. I have been doing this since January this year & we have been training twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Hartenbos heated Swimming Pool. We will stop with pool sessions on Wednesday, as it is now getting to the stage where I need to take our students to start learning to swim in the sea. This will start in November; we will train at Santos beach. I have approached my son Geoff, who is…


Sailing Report October 2015

The opening cruise for the 2015/2016 season was held on the Saturday  16/09/2015 and a total of 15 sailboats, paddling and motorboats  participated in the sail past. The salute was taken by the Portnet harbour master and by Jean du Plessis –Rear Commodore Sailing – on behalf the President Rob Holden who was away on business.

A number of club races have been held  and the keelboat section  has participated in a number of events .  Jamie Bacon recently took over this section and his efforts to rekindle the interest in keelboat sailing is recognised.


Human Powered Craft (HPC) Section Report – September 2015

September was as sad month for the HPC section with the sudden death of Danie Smit our previous rear commodore and the driving force behind the establishment of the HPC section.  Danie loved the sea and paddling and it was a sad but fitting occasion on Sunday 20 September when his wife Hester and a number of paddlers paddled out from the yacht club to strew his ashes in the sea where he used to paddle so often.  Danie will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.  Our prayers and thoughts are with his wife Hester and son Siegfried. Summer is…